Our research-based approach applies the following principles of holistic community transformation:


We maintain a place-based approach to addressing community issues which allows us to concentrate resources and accomplish more holistic, long term neighborhood impact.


We practice a holistic approach in addressing the individual needs and physical environments impacting education, housing, health & wellness and economic viability.



We are committed to building partnerships through an asset-based approach to community development which implies doing things with residents rather than for residents.

COLLECTIVE         IMPACT         

We serve as a supportive "lead organization" coordinating the alignment of resources through a collective impact initiative designed for solving complex social challenges. 


Geographically Focused

Research shows that geographically focused approaches to addressing community issues tend to have a more long-lasting impact. Being committed to a specific area, with drawn boundaries allows impact to be easily measured. When residents, business leaders, and non-profits bring their resources together to one area, it leads to an impact much more dramatic than if those same resources were spread throughout the region. Through our partnership with Florida Citrus Sports, LIFT Orlando is committed to creating pathways of opportunity for low-income neighbors in the area surrounding Camping World Stadium. 



Holistic Revitalization

LIFT Orlando’s holistic approach is inspired and informed by the highly successful model of Purpose Built Communities. This framework of holistic community revitalization includes a cradle-to-college-to-career education pipeline, a mixed- income housing strategy and community wellness through a rich network of community and support services. 

Purpose Built Communities was established in 2009 to replicate the dramatic success of the East Lake Foundation in Atlanta in other urban areas of concentrated poverty around the nation.


Asset Based Community Development

Being guided by the principles of Asset Based Community Development means doing things with the community rather than for the community. Building on the existing strengths of individuals and other assets in a community engages those who care about the neighborhood most: the residents who call it home. This has proven to produce lasting positive results, by empowering individuals to use their gifts and resources to make a difference in their own communities. 


Our FOUNDING Partners

Collective vs. Isolated Impact

Because our community's most complex social problems require the alignment of multiple resources through a collective impact initiative, LIFT Orlando serves as a “lead organization” for the acceleration of holistic community transformation.

Traditionally, organizations work separately and compete to fund and scale isolated programs while corporate and government sectors are disconnected from foundations and nonprofits. This can be described as Isolated Impact

In a Collective Impact initiative, a broad cross-sector representation of multiple organizations works together under a common agenda, shared measurements, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication and the backbone support of a lead organization. 

“You cannot serve the poor out of poverty. What the poor need most is a caring and connected neighbor.”
— Robert Lupton, Author, Toxic Charity