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Wedneday, April 15 | 7:30-9:00am | 1 Citrus Bowl Place

How do we elevate neighborhoods in need without hurting those who live in them? All too often it is the tendency of those of us passionate about doing good to show up with our well-intended solutions hoping to save the day but eventually hurting the very people we seek to help. The principles of Asset Based Community Development allow us to engage the stakeholders who care the most about the neighborhood: the residents who call it home. 

It has been proven that having a commitment to do things with, not for the neighborhood produces lasting positive results by empowering the individuals who live there to use their gifts and resources towards making a difference in their own communities. 

Sign up for this month's learning session with Eddy Moratin, Executive Director of LIFT Orlando and Phil Hissom, Executive Director of Polis Institute and learn why this approach, known as Asset Based Community Development is both difficult and extremely rewarding in creating lasting transformation.  Please email natalie@liftorlando.org with any questions.

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