A Stadium with a Philanthropic Mission

Florida Citrus Sports, which was founded over 60 years ago, has always been “dedicated to increasing community spirit and pride, promoting tourism, stimulating economic development and ultimately benefiting charities, educational institutions and the quality of life in Central Florida through its signature events.” Since that time, Florida Citrus Sports has helped thousands of at-risk youth through their MVPs programs.

Football stadiums rarely benefit the neighborhoods adjacent to them. Often, the opposite is true. But Steve Hogan, the CEO of Florida Citrus Sports, is dedicated to seeing his organization leverage the redevelopment, and regular operations, of the Citrus Bowl to create and economic engine for positive neighborhood transformation for those neighboring communities.

That passion is shared by the other influential community leaders, including the people who make up LIFT Orlando’s board of directors. In fact, LIFT Orlando was founded as a strategic partnership with Florida Citrus Sports. We believe that the renovation of the Citrus Bowl provides a unique opportunity for business and community leaders to come together and create pathways of opportunity for some of Central Florida’s most challenged and vulnerable residents.

Both of these organizations hope to use the renovation of the Citrus Bowl as an opportunity to begin a positive new chapter in the storied history of the stadium and the nearby neighborhoods. Florida Citrus Sports has already drafted plans to use increased revenues from sponsorships and bowl games to fund programs that benefit the children and families in the neighborhood.

Together, Florida Citrus Sports, LIFT Orlando and most importantly the resident leaders living in the shadow of the stadium are working to bring a bright future to the children and families of this community.