LIFT Orlando Demolition Kickoff - Thank You

We are so grateful for all those who participated in last week's Demolition Kickoff event. 

This event is meaningful because it is the first public evidence of the transformation that is to come to the Communities of West Lakes. The residents on the West Lakes Council representing the neighborhoods near the Citrus Bowl surrounding Rock Lake, Lake Lorna Doone, Lake Sunset and Clear Lake have provided tremendous leadership to a process of partnership that has given us the strength and confidence to make it this far in a spirit of collaboration. 

There is still so much work ahead and as we stop to celebrate a major milestone and thank the long list of partners that have brought us this far, we also endeavor to continue to earn the trust of those whose futures are directly impacted by these holistic investments in neighborhood transformation. 

Click here to view the video and picture gallery of the event.

Onward and Upward!