Leading by Example

We were recently honored to welcome Carol Naughton, President of Purpose Built Communities, to Orlando to meet with members of our community and discuss neighborhood revitalization. As the leader of an amazing organization doing such good work, Carol’s message should reach more than those who were able to meet her in person.

Hear from Carol, in her words.

“I’ve been deeply involved in comprehensive community development work for the past 20 years, first in the East Lake neighborhood of Atlanta, and now as a consultant leading the teams and Purpose Built Communities. These groups support local leaders in approximately 50 cities around the country who are working to create a more equitable America, to make sure that the American dream is accessible to those who had the bad luck of being born into neighborhoods that are more like sinkholes than springboards. These are local leaders who have realized that while talent is uniformly distributed throughout our country, opportunity is not. 

Purpose Built Communities is a nonprofit consultancy that was founded by three successful business people - Tom Cousins, a real estate developer from Atlanta, Julian Robertson, a hedge fund genius in New York, and Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha. These three cover all of Purpose Built’s expenses so that we are able to help local leaders implement our model of community revitalization. We offer our services without charge to local leaders who have the capacity and commitment to do this work. We bring hard working consultants and a proven model - the local team brings the leadership, partnerships and resources to implement the work in their own community.

One of the most important innovations that Purpose Built has brought to the community development world is the concept of a community quarterback, a nonprofit organization that exists to make sure these long-term, cross sectoral partnerships are implemented with excellence, with and for the people in the community who will benefit from their work. The community quarterback boards are typically made up of successful leaders from the business and civic community who use their full-range of talents, skills and relationships for the benefit of neighborhoods where people have too often been left behind.  

My colleagues and I are confident that LIFT Orlando will be successful at rebuilding the Communities of West Lakes so that it becomes a springboard, launching both children and adults into the stratosphere where they can reach their full potential. Why, you ask?  From my vantage point, it’s pretty straight forward.

- It’s leadership, at both the board and staff levels.

- It’s great plan, based on and developed from the East Lake and Purpose Built model.

- It’s sense of urgency to get this work done.

My goal is to recreate the magic that LIFT is creating throughout the country. With leaders like this, and with a great plan executed with a sense of urgency, we can create the kind of America where everyone has a chance at fulfilling the American dream.”

-       Carol Naughton