In Loving Memory of Mrs. Naomi Bassa 1950-2017


Mrs. Naomi Robinson Bassa is a person who shone on a daily basis and consistently allowed her light to be radiated to those she served and interacted with. She resided in the Rock Lake neighborhood, where she had lived since 1996. She was actively involved with her homeowners association and also served as their Neighborhood Watch president. 

Mrs. Bassa was raised in a family in which she had nineteen siblings. They farmed pigs and cows and grew various crops of vegetables, such as peas and potatoes. At an early age, she learned to function within a team environment, to love people, resolve conflict, and to accept others as they are. She birthed ten children of her own, three of whom have passed on. She had a genuine love for children and helped raise several more who often came to her by way of unfortunate circumstances, including the eighteen-year-old she raised since he was one. She was the neighborhood baby-sitter, dropping off and picking up children attending Rock Lake Elementary when their parents were unable to. To avoid possible criminal activity, she would take her neighbors trash cans from the curb when they were away from home.

Mrs. Bassa continued to utilize those early acquired skills as part of a team of Chaplains at the Orange County Jail and at the Michigan Street Work Release Center. She ministered to inmates and officers alike, and was often affectionately referred to as  ‘Ma 8.’ She would pray, encourage, listen, and her message to all was "Let your mess be a message and let your test be a testimony." She pastored for many years and was the Senior Pastor of God's House of Worship, which was first formed as a Bible Study in her home with former inmates who wanted to continue studying with her. When they had nowhere to go upon release, she, at times, opened up her home to give them the basic need of housing and other necessities. She gave clothes to those in need.

When Mrs. Bassa had free time, she enjoyed gardening and mowing her lawn, cooking and working her part-time catering business. She was undeniably passionate about helping people and selflessly served her community using her gifts and talents. Mrs. Bassa was a Godly woman, and a great family and community leader. She will be greatly missed.