Our Shared Goals

LIFT Orlando is a nonprofit organization comprised of business leaders partnering with residents to accelerate community transformation. Our Shared Goals are:



Ensure the availability of high-quality, mixed-income housing that elevates the standard of living for low-income families, while providing the comfort of quality amenities that attract new residents.

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Cradle to career education

Deliver a top-performing cradle to career educational pipeline that begins with early childhood development, continues through post-secondary education and culminates in promising careers.


Community Health & Wellness

Collaborate with residents and local nonprofits to create a mix of high-quality facilities, programs, and services that enhance quality of life and increase life expectancy for all, regardless of income.


Long-Term Economic Viability

Stimulate the neighborhood economy and increase the average household income for existing residents by improving employability, facilitating job placements, attracting employers and fostering entrepreneurship.