LIFT Orlando Board Update

November 23, 2016


Economic Viability


1. Project Catalyst: Last week, our economic viability team did it's very best to present the vision of LIFT Orlando and the case for Project Catalyst before the leadership team at Disney. We were encouraged by feedback from George who said: "...thank you ALL for what I don't think could have been a better or more impressive presentation!". We clearly still have some obstacles to overcome, but at least now we are all clearer on the variables of the decision. We hoping to have a decision by the end of the year. We'll see.


cradle to career education

2. New Early Learning Center: On Monday, the Bainum Family Foundation verbalized their commitment to build a $8-10 million, state of the art, early learning facility in our footprint, plus provide another $10 million to help fund ongoing operations for 10 years. Plus, another $1.2 million to fund our acquisition of the Planned Parenthood building. If all this wasn't enough, they also voiced back to us our concern for the success of Frontline Outreach and communicated their intentions to work with us towards the mutual success of both organizations by leveraging their expertise and resources across our early learning programs. 



3. Tampa Properties: We are about to close on Planned Parenthood in the next couple of weeks, just as our health and wellness & education partners have begun to galvanize around a few projects that will define the use of the sites we are acquiring along Tampa Avenue near the intersection of Orange Center Boulevard. In brief, some or all of the following projects could collocated under two more more multi-story facilities: 

1. $10M Early Learning Center to be built on the site of Planned Parenthood

2. Health Center - Imagine a Centra Care with expanded services

3. 10k sq. ft. MVP Sports Club Gym (YMCA-like) but less machines, more classes

4. Boys and Girls Club (ideally, collocated with the gym)

5. New location for Grace Medical Home and/or Orange Blossom Family Health. 

A series of master planning meetings are being scheduledto convene all these partners and crystalize the vision and details for each project. 


4. Lake Lorna Doone Groundbreaking Soon - The City of Orlando has communicated their strong interest to see us move forward on the reconstruction of Lake Lorna Doone Park. So much so that they are looking into some sort of bridge funding in order for Phase 1 to start as soon as possible. More to come soon on that. 



5. Phase 2/Senior Housing: The City of Orlando has informed us that they would like to line us up as their alternate recommendation for 9% tax credits since the Parramore project is on hold. This would fund Phase 2 which would far more lucrative than the 4% we applied for and lost. There is work to do over the next few days but the results will come out on December 30th and their is a very good chance we could win. 


6. Phase 3/The Yuken's Property: We were informed that a settlement has been negotiated to terminate the bankruptcy court proceedings that have held up the Yuken properties on the south side of Orange Center Boulevard. We will keep you posted but there is a very real chance that we might have these properties in our hands by the end of the year. We are already in the process of formulating an MOU with Habitat for Humanity that could make feasible the right kind of development on that site. 



7. MVP Families: This last weekend our MVP Families program hosted a special event for our neighborhood children and families during the Florida Classic game at Camping World Stadium. They had a wonderful time. Special thanks to Natalie, Phil and Shawn as well as the team FCS for making that a great success. To read Phil's report and assessment on the event's turnout and the programs progress simply scroll down on this email. You can also see the pictures of the day on Facebook by clicking here:


Coming Up! 

Quarterly Community Update: Our last West Lakes Community Update of the year is coming up. On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM at the Rock Lake Community Center on 440 N. Tampa Avenue, Orlando. We and the West Lakes Partnership will invite the entire Communities of West Lakes for a holiday meal and a time of conversation and Q & A. This will be a particularly important conversation as so many large developments are hitting the ground in the upcoming months. 

We've decided its time for the LIFT Orlando Board to start showing up at these. Not all at once but if you are available we'd like to start regularly having three or four members of our board in the room to acknowledge. Please find the invitation flyer below and let us know if you can attend. 




With so much to be grateful for here, I pray that you truly enjoy every other way in which the Lord, in His amazing grace, has lavished his blessings upon you and yours. 


Happy Thanksgiving!



Eddy Moratin 

Executive Director 

LIFT Orlando 

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From: Philip Hissom <>
Date: Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 11:35 AM
Subject: Report from MVP Families at the Classic
To: Shannon Clark <>, Steve Hogan <>, Eddy Moratin <>, Natalie Hamer <>, Shawn Welcome <>

Hi all - 


I wanted to say thanks for the support for Saturday's MVP Families event at the Classic. People really enjoyed being there, the great food, and having the opportunity to go to the game. I also had some time to chat with a few of the parents and we definitely have a core group that is super committed and appreciative. Porcha Rucker who lives over on Jackson Street in the footprint was the most vocal, saying that the program is teaching her some very important parenting skills that she practices regularly. She loved setting the goals with her kids because it helped her learn things about them she did not know before. She thinks that everyone in the neighborhood should be involved. 


We had 17 tickets left and I believe we would have given those out had we not had issues with parking and backpacks. While we stressed that parking would be an issue to parents before the event, many did not appreciate how intense it was going to be and a few left before they got to us. We did not communicate clearly enough :-) the clear bag policy and we had a hand full show up with bags and leave. some did not come back. that's one of the downsides to free stuff.


Our numbers breakdown as follows:

Some definitions:

Active families: those who are participating in the program and for whom we have report cards and goals.

Applied families: we have an application on file but they haven't gotten involved yet

Interested families: newly engaged families in the footprint who say they want to get involved.




Thanks again everyone and have a great Thanksgiving,


Philip K Hissom

Polis Institute